Wednesday, January 25, 2017

President Donald Trump.

Through Vices And Virtues May The Future Be Ever Bright

Corruption has been seeping into everything. Especially the democratic party. As of late, the democratic party has successfully put a wedge between the races.

The one of the few people who isn't corrupt in the government is our new president. Donald Trump.

He may not be the smartest president, and he is the farthest thing from being politically correct. He won using only his money and donations for his campaign. Unlike Clinton, who took large amounts from the ones who lead America into its current position. She also took donations from Saudi Arabia, and she sold uranium to Russia.

She is so unfit for president that she couldn't even win a rigged election. With the voter fraud that happened in her favor and she still lost.

I hope Donald Trump will lead America to a better setting. Where the poor can survive without government assistance, eliminating the homeless problem, and properly taking care of our vets.

Hopefully he will fix the school systems in America.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Alternatives to Facebook and YouTube?

Social Media has become so ingrained into our everyday lives it feels like it is almost impossible to live without it. With our only concern is being banned. Even though we all can make another account, we shouldn't have to.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all having censorship issues that cause problems for the community that uses them.

Though YouTube is still the most lenient. Only hitting us where it hurts to make us adhere to their guidelines, which is our wallets.

Now YouTube has stood the test of time, been a successful website for over a decade. Yet most of the content creators are implying with the changes Google is making to YouTube it could be the end of it. Which without an alternative would leave content creators who rely on YouTube as their job, in a very tight spot.

Twitter, bans whomever they please if they don't align with their own political agenda of overly politically correct nature. Which has lead to the unjust ban of Milo Yiannopoulos. Out of all the things he has done that could have justified a ban, he gets banned for something he honestly had very little to do with.

Facebook, has a completely broken report system, and has failed on many occasions to provide safety and protection to their user base.

Now anyone who doesn't want to put up with it, would simply leave and/or find an alternative to these social networks. A smart man or woman would create a social network.

I am in the process, and in the planning stages of creating a social network for artists. in a 3 part system. As in One account and you can have the viable means of using 3 different social networks.

A timeline forum social network, which is mostly recognized as the set up of Facebook. That can be the main account, which can be used to access the rest of the site. Which I'm still working out how to provide sufficient protection for it all, yet I'm not a code monkey so I'm very lost in this sense.

A video sharing aspect of the site, where you can register a channel to your main account. While you can upload videos to just the forum social network, the video sharing part would be most recommended, for in time we would apply a monetization feature. So content creators can be content creators, and have the right to hide their main account or have it linked to a fan page. Much of that is inspired by Facebook.

And the third and final part, an adult section. For the more controversial humour and adult content. Which to be allowed entry your main account would have to be active along with age verification. Which would provide safety to not only those using it but as a service provider. Adult content, which includes but not limited to, nude art, nude modeling, gore films, etc. To provide a safe haven for those who wish to allow their artistic endeavors to go unrestricted. Which I will also have a monetization feature as well.

I have nothing for a micro-blogging alternative.

Nor would I really want to. Each update to the site will have a blog post of pretty much the equivalent to patch notes. So you know what changes we've made so their is no excuse to feign ignorance, lest you are all too lazy, which I would also create a video where I discuss the patch notes. You don't want to read new rules and whatnot well you can listen to them as well.

My hopes in this is to provide a safe and secure site that doesn't leave you bound by censorship.

There will be rules, there always has to be rules. Which will be fairly difficult to break.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Public Figure Falling From Grace

Everyone is available for criticism. Everyone has faults. Everyone has things they wish they'd hide.

I've noticed public figures all have skeletons in their closet. Regardless of how they became a public figure, or a figure of what. The scrutiny of every action is always a pressing issue.

If you've got nothing truly vile to hide nothing will come of it, but if you do, it is only a matter of time before someone exposes the ugly truth. Everyone makes mistakes, I am no different, but when mistakes turn into habit. Repeatable offenses, then those who follow you, those who idolize you may not do so after finding out the truth.

Carl Sherburne  is the one who has developed a repeated history of exposing himself to under aged females.

He was the owner of the facebook page Controversial Humor Cell, and after that was finally brought to its end a series of facebook groups. Starting off with Neckbeards and Friends, and eventually a series of faebook groups called Cellulites.

 Using his renown and influence over the mass of fans and followers he's acquired to bully each of his victims into silence.

I've heard of one of the scandals as it happened. I originally thought it was just him being a dumbass, yet when I found out it has happened not only before but several times, I felt it was time to official speak out about this.

Personally speaking to one of the victims of his "assault". Who was 12 when the incident happened, who is 17 now. I have promised to not reveal her identity, because a person who is capable of such heinous acts and having a following of several thousand people who all have a questionable moral compass might be able to convince a young and impressionable teen to commit suicide.

In my experience within the group and following the page, not a fan of the individual but enjoyed the content provided. I, first hand know, what vile things he and his "Minions" are capable of. Encouraged suicide through harassment and severe bullying,  due to this made me try and make an attempt on my life.

If you know him, the group and haven't been mindlessly brainwashed thinking he is a god among memes. Please stay away from him, and the disgusting nature of him and his fans.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Long Distance Relationship

It is simply contagious. A euphoric feeling you get when you see something you desire or are attracted to.

I have found her. I get butterflies over seeing her pictures, it is ridiculous. All I want to do is be the reason she smiles. Be the person she can lean on when she goes through tough times.

I want her to be the person I can come to when I'm excited about something. Her to tell me I'm dumb when I do something stupid. Her to love me and her to let me love her.

I get nervous thinking about traveling to see her in real life. Instead of this internet friendship.

I write this for a chance to release these inner feelings, yet I can tell with every passing word that it isn't the case of getting them out. It is the desire to act upon them.

She is across the world from me, it takes time to make such a trip and money.

If you've had long distance relationships then you know the struggle. I can assure you they are just as real as regular relationships.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The US Government Are A Terrorist Organization

The precipice is upon us. The world is at stake. For this is written in hopes others will understand and truly unite under a single banner. For if we do not death and destruction awaits us all.

Living in terror based on skin colour, gender, and individuality, from a single entity. A crime lord syndicate, that holds the reigns of corruption and greed with the simple means of terror. This terrorism should not be ignored.

I am talking about the American government. With the lies, and manipulation to keep those who call them their leaders ignorant of the true dangers of the truth of the world. For they have forged all acts of terror against its own people, for the simple task of solidifying control.

It is the patriotic duty of every American to overthrow the corrupt and replace it with the just.

For if it fails, the ones whom I stand with, will be labeled traitors. If we succeed we can throw away the notion, the fear, of world war three.

For if we live in America, if we call ourselves her citizens, then we are American. No matter where your family came from, if you are her citizen, you are her citizen.

No colour, no gender, none of that matters when you are fighting for what is truly right. Not what we are lead to believe is right.

I do not wish to be a leader, but sadly I must speak up, I must speak true. It is a cross that I begrudgingly bare. For a time shall come when we must organize and one to speak for the majority, forge a new government, to where it is truly the peoples wishes. What America was dreamt to be, not what corruption and greed has lead us to.

So for those you love, for the injustice you see and live with. Unite and fight it. Fight the broken system, fight the government. For we've only seen the pawns in this war, a war has been waged on us for awhile. A war to strip us of our freedoms, for now it is a time to fight back, with pen or with sword. No longer stand silent, no longer use the tools these criminals have given us to keep us separate and ignorant. Such as racism, and sexism. Fear of other religions.

The evils such as Isis or Al Queda are the creations to control us through fear.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fallout 4 Playstation 4 Melee Only Very Hard

So I was playing Fallout 4 on my fathers PS4 because mine is not only broken, but I don't have a TV to play it on.

Doing my third play through Melee weapons only, with the exceptions of grenades and flare gun (which isn't really a weapon) nobody said I can't call in reinforcements.

It is very hard early game to play strictly melee weapons, because (spoiler alert) you have to fight a deathclaw pretty much right off the bat and they give you a minigun to say FUCK YOU to the deathclaw. Well running melee only made that gesture extremely difficult nay impossible, so I had to run around that and level before being able to rescue the minutemen.

I'm tempted to do a stream of it all, but that'll be after I make sure its possible to beat the game like this in a timely fashion, screaming about how much I die, etc.

The other day I loaded into the game and a brahmin fell out of the sky and acted like nothing happened. I'm so glad I've got that recorded.

Oh, and a seperate note, if you are having power supply problems, like me, which is why my Playstation needs to be fixed. You can replace the power supply cheaper than if you shipped to Sony to fix it.

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's The Little Things In Life

Of all the tragedies that continuously occur in my life, you have to enjoy the little things.

with how my life goes, I'm starting to think it follows Murphy's Law.
What ever can happen, will happen.

You find love, you can lose it, then you will lose it.
Very few are able to truly survive that.

I drown myself in activities I enjoy, to distract myself from that fact.

I love making videos, like sketch comedy, vlogs, informative things. I need to get back into it, but having all my things stolen but a few changes of clothes makes things difficult. Yes, I've uploaded videos, but I've got a phone, and using my fathers computer to edit.

I also enjoy video games, mainly RPG's

If you guys are interested in making videos, or playing video games, check these products that I'm about to link below.

Sometimes you've gotta find new passions. Document your life, share the things you love, who knows you might help someone, or inspire them.

Peace be with you all.