Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scripts And Cowboys

I may or may not be meeting up with the Conivin' Cowboy today.

He and I used to work on video projects together, I can accept that he is old and is pain in the ass. I cannot accept him being an ass to me and pressuring me to do things especially when he doesn't pay me.

So I've been writing a script that I do not think I'll be using right off the bat, but I do plan on meeting up with him, then coming up with a plot, then I can script something he and I can actually do.

I'm still putting together my team for my production team, Cowboy may or may not be in it, I haven't quite decided yet. What I do know is that he'll be an actor in a few of my productions.

If you live in the DFW area and are interested in working on no-budget productions, please shoot me an email.

I cannot pay you, but you will get all credit for your work in the end credits and in the IMDB, which yes I will be creating.

Thank you for your time,
Kyle Stewart

PS. this is my email address iamcproductionsofficial@gmail.com

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