Monday, February 11, 2013

Gender Roles And The Great Disgust

So, I know that I don't like "homophobia" (it isn't a real fear, it is just hate created by organized religion) or anything like that.

I didn't realize how much Gender Roles disgusted me until I had them forced onto another person in front of me. Which is different from your friends telling your female friends to get back into the kitchen, or telling guys to go punch trees or any stupid shit like that.

My cousin, who's name I will not mention, and her son are the subjects of this.

My cousin raised her son, by herself. So all her son really knows are women things. She complains about how men don't do anything, blah blah blah. Which whenever she does, I provide a rebuttal for it, or if I don't do anything, then she must be just as lazy.

When her son does something feminine, she asks him if he is gay, or a fag.
Using such terms as an insult.
I bite my tongue, because he isn't my son, and I have no right to question her parenting.

All I do know is if he does talk like that around me, calling people gay or fags as an insult, (I'm not saying I never do things like this, but I don't do it out of hate, I do it to piss people off) if he does it out of hate, I will knock the living hell out of him.

Then I'll tell him why. Then I'll beat him again.

I don't believe in this mindless hatred more than likely brought on by the organized religion they believe in. I do not want to be associated by this sort of thing.

Thank you for reading about my bitchings about this topic.
Kyle Stewart

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