Monday, May 27, 2013

Strange Turn In Events!

Well, as you all know I am a YouTube who took a traumatic setback when my channel KyleStewartTV was terminated due to constant false flagging.

Well I have a new channel well I've been using it for the past few months, Check It Out And Subscribe

Well recently I've been very frustrated, and what do normal people do when they are frustrated, they bitch and complain.

So it got me thinking, maybe I can vent my frustrations and receive feedback? I am trying this now, starting a series of videos on my channel where I rant and bitch about the things that frustrate me, I call the series What Makes My Piss Boil, and if it is about a person, People Who Make My Piss Boil.

This one happens to be about John Danz Jr, aka Undertakerfreak1127

Just me venting about my feelings towards the peasant.

Please watch my videos, subscribe, like them, comment on them.

It will make me feel so much better about myself if I got some feedback.

Thank you for reading and watching,
Kyle Stewart

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