Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ultimately Unsatisfied

I feel as though my life is a constant disappointment.

Never really, never truly being satisfied with where I'm at in life. I fear deeply that this avarice is just the beginning, a growing uncontrollable hunger.

It comes down to money. I'm starting to lose my wits about it all again. As I've done time and time before.

I feel isolated, I'm told I never relax by my significant other. Well, she says I only relax in intimate settings.

I try so hard to let go, but I cannot seem to drop my guard, well completely drop it. Always on edge, ready to act as quickly as my body responds to the electronic waves my brain produces.

I find it upsetting.

I find my self upsetting. To my own being, others, even my cats are upset with me. (Or is that just cats in general)

I'm going to try harder to indulge in things I enjoy. Such as writing, directing, acting, singing, dancing, blogging, and vlogging.

If at all interested, my endeavors will be posted to my youtube channel I hope you find these videos mildly enjoyable, if not I'd much love constructive criticism.

Thank you for reading,
Kyle Cold

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